• PRE-RELEASE advocacy

    Friends has 7 full-time staff on Rikers Island daily, working with young people ages 16 to 18 with an evidence-based cognitive-behavioral curriculum and connecting to services post-release.
  • POSITIVE YOUTH development

    Our services are rooted in a passion for and belief in our individual youth members’ resilience and ability to achieve. Our services are...
  • COMMUNITY partnerships

    Richard Green 2b
    Our partnerships with other community stakeholders complement our work and enhance the experience of our youth...
  • RESPONSIBLE fatherhood

    Operating out of a Bronx community center, Friends to Fathers (F2F) is a community-based initiative for non-custodial fathers...
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Anonymous, ABLE part…

When I get out of Rikers I want to go to Friends to get my GED and all that, because they don't look at me like I am nothing.

Shiasia, youth membe…

“Growing up in Harlem, I always felt like no one would do anything for me.  I thought Friends would be just another GED school, but they proved me wrong. I’m going to see how far I can go.”

Testimonial – 1

“They gave me that push when no one else was giving me that push.  When I came to Friends I came with an immature attitude, but when I left, I left a lady!”

Testimonial – 2

I want to be there for my son and make sure he has everything he needs.”

Testimony before the New York State Assembly Standing Committees on Correction and Mental Health

November 13, 2014

Legislative Office Building, 2nd floor, Hearing Room C

Albany, New York

Chairman O’Donnell, Chairwoman Gunther, Members of the Assembly Committees on Correction and Mental Health,…

Testimony before the New York City Council regarding the Treatment of Adolescents on Rikers Island

October 8, 2014

On behalf of Friends of Island Academy’s staff and youth members, I thank the Committees on Juvenile Justice, and Fire and Criminal Justice…

Excessive Use of Violence

On August 4, 2014, the office of the United States attorney in Manhattan released a report [LINK]

on the excessive use of violence against male adolescents…

Youth Member Profiled on Bloomberg TV

One of our youth members was profiled on Bloomberg TV. Click on the full post to watch the video. John was one of...

Decrease in NYC Crime

Mayor Bloomberg announced that since 2001, major felony crime and incarceration rates in New York City have both dropped by 32 percent.  Friends of Island…