Samantha Allard, Coordinator of Advocacy & Support Services, 718-546-7064

Damon Avinger, LMSW, Arches Mentor, 212-760-0755

Paul Barrow-Colon, Youth Advocate, 212-760-0755

Morjean Belefanti, Project Director, Jail-to-School Pipeline, 212-760-0755 ext. 230

Sylvia Bengochea, Program Supervisor, Friend 2 Fathers,  718-653-5301

Omar Branch, Senior Case Manager, Friends 2 Fathers, 718-653-5301

Joe Chan, Senior Case Manager, Friends 2 Fathers, 718-653-5301

Jacob Cohen, Art Therapist, Cello Without Walls, 212-760-0755

Anthony DeJesus, Arts Coordinator, 212-760-0755

Robert DeJesus, MPA, Program Director, Friends 2 Fathers, 718-653-5301

Lesley Fernandez, Pinkerton Fellow, 212-760-0755

Deanna Gondek, Communications Coordinator, 212-760-0755

John Gordon, Associate Executive Director for Programs, 212-760-0755 ext. 230

Rey Guervil, Youth Advocate, 212-760-0755

Fred Hawkins, Coordinator of Advocacy & Support Services, 212-760-0755

Terry Jackson, Youth Advocate, 212-760-0755

Robert James, MSW, Director of Transitional Services, Youth Reentry Network, 718-546-8895

Gina Lee, Policy and Planning Associate, 212-760-0755

Ciara Lucca, Youth Advocate, 212-760-0755

Jasmin Luciano-King, Senior Youth Advocate, 212-760-0755 ext. 221

Victor Marte, Arches Mentor, 212-760-0755

Terrance Martin, Pinkerton Fellow, 212-760-0755

Teresa Morales, Accountant, 212-760-0755 ext. 259

Felicia Mosley, LMSW, Senior Director, Youth Reentry Network, 212-760-0755

Taylonn Murphy, Arches Mentor, 212-760-0755

Andre Obasogie, Director of Youth Advocacy, 212-760-0755 ext. 228

Christine Pahigian, Executive Director, 212-760-0755 ext. 224

Karina Pantoja, Youth Advocate, 212-760-0755

Salvatore Pepe, Director of Finance & Administration, 212-760-0755 ext. 213

Messiah Ramkissoon, Director of Programming, Youth Reentry Network, 212-760-0755

Detra Royal, Human Resources & Finance Administrator, 212-760-0755 ext. 259

Zaron Samassi, Youth Mentor, 212-760-0755

Rev. Bernard Shepherd, Coordinator of Advocacy & Support Services, 718-653-5301

Monica Smith, JD, Director of the Miller Center, Youth Reentry Network, 212-760-0755

DeShay Thomas, Youth Advocate, 212-760-0755

Richard Trent, Senior Grant Writer, 212-760-0755

Connie Velasquez, Youth Advocate, 212-760-0755 ext. 230

Judith Wallen, Program Coordinator, Family Matters, 212-442-2903

Marc Washington, Arches Project Coordinator, 212-760-0755

Shantay Williams, Arches 212-760-0755

Alexander “Sasha” Weinstein, Programs Analyst, 212-760-0755